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I’m a Virtual Marketing Director who helps small to medium sized service business owners create a VISIBLE, PROFITABLE & STREAMLINE business!

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I’m Reem, Your Virtual Marketing Director

As a Marketing Manager turned Entrepreneur, I use my 12+ years of expertise in Marketing SME’s to help professional service business owners create a thriving, profitable and streamlined business.

I specialise in empowering business owners like YOU to get clarity on their marketing by refining their business’s internal systems, increasing their visibility and in turn sales through a managed, comprehensive and proven marketing strategy.

I do all this for less than the cost of a Jnr Marketing Executive and I manage the process for you so you can carry on doing what you do best!

Virtual Marketing director, marketing strategist, MA in marketing


Saif Ali

eyeCAN Community CIC

Reem has been a huge help in all things marketing for us and we absolutely recommend her services. Reem very quickly grasped our company model and was able to suggest many ideas and concepts as part of her marketing audit report. What stood out for us was how quickly Reem understood our model, the research insight into our industry and her ability to identify the critical gaps where a marketing strategy would provide us with key benefits.

Reem is very versatile and has not only provided us with a very beneficial marketing strategy but she also manages our social media and focus groups research.

Very accommodating and goes out of her way to provide value…..definitely go to Reem for all things marketing

Karen Peters

Longview Services

Reem worked for us at Longview Services as our Marketing and Business Manager for four years during which time she transformed the Marketing effort for our client, Alternative Venues London. 

 She introduced social media marketing, produced a Marketing plan, used email campaigns to great effect and attended venue hire events.  

Reem was a much valued member of our team, very popular both with the client and other staff at Longview, a very conscientious and efficient marketer.  Reem is very capable and we would not hesitate to recommend her marketing skills.  

Firas Mudafar

Business Consultant

One of the great things about working with Reem is her appreciation that no one model fits all in Marketing. Reem holds a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field but will not overwhelm you. She will attentively listen to what the issues are at hand, acquire an appreciation of the vision her client has and what they are trying to achieve, before tailoring her service and advice accordingly.

Online marketing can be an intimidating undertaking for many businesses. Hence many opt-out completely, while others struggle to get the full benefit. Working with Reem would undoubtedly alleviate much of the anguish businesses face, in trying to align their online marketing with their overall strategy. Reem has been a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to continuing working with her. Many thanks for being accommodating to the time zone difference between the United Kingdom and New Zealand. 

Virtual Marketing director, marketing strategist, MA in marketing

Book a discovery call with me and we can go through how I may be able to help you and your business!

I will always be honest with you if I feel my services are not the right fit for your business, and I will try to direct you to someone who would be a better fit within the Virtual Marketing Network!

How Can I Help YOU?

As a Marketing Manager turned Entrepreneur, I use my 12+ years of expertise in Marketing SME’s to help professional service business owners create a thriving

Strategy is everything!

The BIGGEST mistake that so many business owners make is not having a Marketing Strategy. A strategy is the manual to your marketing & business! Without it, it’ll be like you trying to put IKEA furniture together by yourself, without the instructions! In other words, COMPLETE DISASTER!

A Strategy will help you to define your goals, increase your visibility and in turn the revenue  for your business and give you a step by step process to achieving it!

Virtual Marketing Director Service

Get the full works with my 90 Days to Marketing Clarity and Beyond program. In JUST 90 Days I’ll help you to define your vision, refine your business internal processes and put a comprehensive strategy in place using my proven methods.

I would take you through my 4 Step process over the 90 day period of VISUALISE, ANALYSE, STRATEGISE AND ACTION!



As a Marketing Manager turned Entrepreneur, I use my 12+ years of expertise in Marketing SME’s to help professional service business owners create a thriving

Audit Your Marketing

It’s easy to get caught up in all the day-to-day running of your marketing. But that’s why it is so valuable to take a step back in order to have someone analyse the state of your overall strategy.

Are you wasting time and money doing marketing activities that are not converting to sales? What activities are actually converting? Are you looking to grow your business but are not sure what strategies will achieve that?

Get the Very Best Marketing Freelancers

I have formed a network of AMAZING marketing freelancers with decades of experience in their field. So whether its Content writing, social media management, branding or website design I will have an experienced professional in the Virtual Marketing Network who will be able to carryout the work you require to the highest quality. Saving you both TIME and MONEY!!