5 strategies that will get your service-based business heading in the right direction!

Want to grow your business? Here are 5 strategies on how you can do that..

It can be more challenging to market a service-based business in many ways. After all, products can be seen, touched, and tangible. However, gaining a customer’s trust in results that they can’t yet see from someone they don’t know can be difficult. For this reason, my advice would be that, for any service-based business, building customer trust and loyalty needs to be at the centre of their marketing strategy. 


As their product isn’t tangible, it’s not something clients can see, feel or try! Clients will only work with you if your business has built a certain level of trust and credibility. When I’m working on a client’s strategy, the first steps are always to refine their internal processes to ensure that the operation of their business can handle growth in leads (i.e., CRM system!), the company has a good branding strategy, and they have a system in place that is built around providing the best service to customers with an excellent customer feedback loop. These are 5 strategies that I would include to help my clients grow and scale their business!

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1. Have a Brand Strategy

Many businesses believe a brand strategy is their logo or vision statement when it’s so much bigger than that. Simple things such as having an excellent uniform signature for all your employees or uniform templates for proposals, quotes, and invoicing can show clients a lot about the credibility of your brand. 

A brand strategy is what your brand makes a customer think and feel whenever they come into contact with anything to do with your brand. Whether that’s your logo or content, you have put out there. It’s the essence of your brand, what it stands and what attributes it has. Basically, it’s personality and beliefs!

2. Build Customer Loyalty

By ensuring you have excellent customer service and feedback models, you can ensure customer retention, repeat business, and new business through recommendations. Word of mouth is still one of the most (if not the most) powerful marketing tools you can have. Repeat business and referrals have made up to 70% of the sales for the businesses I have worked for. 

Many businesses stop their marketing at the point where they’ve closed a sale. However, they need to see this as the beginning of the next sale.

3. Social Media Platform

Ensuring you’re on the right social media platform is so essential. Many business owners start with the social media platform they prefer or use as many as they can think of, often overstretching their capacity, which results in poor content. 

Facebook and Instagram are popular social media platforms that businesses use and can be very effective. However, many companies overlook the power of platforms such as LinkedIn, Clubhouse & TikTok for lead generation. 

LinkedIn would be the primary lead-generating social media platform for consulting or professional-based businesses. LinkedIn has a powerful search feature that will help companies search for their ideal customers and connect. LinkedIn content also has a much broader reach. That’s why it’s very much possible to set yourself up to get inbound LinkedIn leads by optimising your LinkedIn headline and sharing regular engaging content!

 TikTok is fast becoming a great lead generating tool for many businesses. The fast-growing platform, when used in the right way, can lead people from TikTok onto your business’s website.

Which social media platform you use is highly dependent on who your ideal customer is! Click here to download  your ideal customer workbook.

4. Email Marketing Strategy 

Email marketing is still an important tool that is used worldwide at a very minimal cost. Using emails to connect and nurture customers is a crucial tool. You’ll make the customer feel valuable to your brand by including special offers or discounts exclusive to them. In addition, automating your customer feedback through automated emails can help you put a suitable system in place to receive feedback and make improvements to your business consistently. You can increase email open rates by using catchy subject lines that invoke curiosity! 


6. Networking

Both online and offline networking can be very effective strategies in business growth. Being well connected can help businesses build their credibility and their network for referrals. However, the most important thing to remember is not to network to make a sale but to network to make a connection, even sometimes a partnership, the sales will undoubtedly follow. Being overly sales-oriented when networking often scares prospects off and can have the opposite effect on what you’re trying to achieve.

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