Virtual Marketing director, marketing strategist, MA in marketing

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I'm Reem Aubdool, It's lovely to meet you!

A mum to 3 boys, a marketing strategist, nature lover, photography enthusiast and passionate about bringing people together. 

"For a business to truly thrive there needs to be harmony between Finance, Sales & Marketing"

Reem Aubdool

My passion is to help small to medium service based businesses to really thrive. Just because you’re small it doesn’t mean you can’t be mighty! 

My Story

I still remember the discussion I had with my dad over what I should study at university! He was insistent that I should study something to do with business as he believed I had the skills for it. Being the stubborn teen I was however, I insisted Psychology was for me!

Although I don’t regret studying psychology (I enjoyed it immensely and I learnt so much about human behaviour that helps me be a better Marketer!), I now have to admit that my dad saw something in me that I didn’t (as much as we dislike to admit it, our parent’s are sometimes right!).

After a short stint working with children once I had graduated, I got an opportunity to work in Marketing and I decided to go for it! While I worked for an IT company, I also studied for my CIM professional qualification. My love of leaning then lead me to a MA in Marketing which built the foundation for my knowledge and love of marketing strategy!

Since then I have managed marketing teams within a number of organisations building a robust sales & marketing structure and growing their sales!

Virtual Marketing director, marketing strategist, MA in marketing
Virtual Marketing director, marketing strategist, MA in marketing, mum of 3


After having my third baby (and my third boy!), during my maternity leave (and a pandemic!) I made the decision to leave my corporate job and took the leap to enter the world of entrepreneurship!

I wanted to build a life that didn’t have to fit into a mould, where I had control over my time and could manage it around my kids! I had a vision to use my marketing skills to impact as many SME’s as possible! Especially during a time where so many businesses were suffering. It’s with this vision that the Virtual Marketing Director was created!

Having watched my Father grow a business, work 24 / 7, work through family holidays and the constant pressure of getting new business in, I have first hand experience of the struggles. 

BUT >>
Over the years I developed a method to help the businesses I work for attract new clients and grow their sales without the struggle. It’s simply by finding the right strategy and the right people for your business!

And its all about HARMONY! Harmony between your sales, finance and marketing. 

If you’re ready to have more TIME, more MONEY and concentrate on what you do best then book your discovery call now!

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Get the Very Best Marketing Freelancers

I have formed a network of AMAZING marketing freelancers with decades of experience in their field. So whether its Content writing, social media management, branding or website design I will have an experienced professional in the Virtual Marketing Network who will be able to carryout the work you require to the highest quality. Saving you both TIME and MONEY!!