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Virtual Marketing director, marketing strategist, MA in marketing

Reem Aubdool

Marketing Strategist

Reem Aubdool is a Marketing Strategist, founder of VM Director and a highly qualified marketing expert who has 12 years prior experience leading marketing and sales teams within several small to medium sized businesses. She specialises in helping service business owners achieve business growth through a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Amy Downes

Content Wizard

Amy Downes: The Content Planning Wizard helps small business owners wave a magic wand over their social media pages by making content planning easier and less stressful.

The mum of two, has been a social media manager for almost five years and will be sharing her 5 vital ingredients to create a potion to transform your content strategy.

Sharon Murray

LinkedIn Expert

Sharon is The LinkedIn Revolutionary. In 2019 after she started her VA business she quickly realised she needed to familiarise herself with linkedIn. And she fell in love with it! She now coaches female biz owners, just like her, in all things LinkedIn.  BUT with a twist! She’s on a mission to  rewrite the rules and revolutionising how people feel about and use the platform. 

John Ferrara

Instagram Expert

John Ferrara is an Instagram Expert, Strategies and Philosopher. With over 6 years of experience, John has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world use Instagram to help build their business, create more impact and grow their income.

John strives to expel some of the myths and limiting beliefs around Instagram to help business owners be authentic and attract more followers that mean business!

Kamela Hurley

Business Coach

Kamela Hurley is the digital boss behind Madison and White, which is a product-based business she launched on the kitchen table and scaled to six figures as a solopreneur by using social media and networking. After viral Tik Tok videos and achieving nationwide media from Good Morning America to MSNBC, Kamela is now coaching consulting creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs on how to leverage social media and personal branding to turn every post into the opportunity to make more impact and income.

Rebecca Cafiero

PR Superstar

Rebecca Cafiero is an ex-corporate VP of sales turned best-selling author, podcaster, and nationally recognized business expert.

She empowers entrepreneurs  to put a spotlight on their superpowers so they can step into becoming the expert they’re meant to BE.

She’s passionate about serving women through her online courses, podcast, mastermind, mentoring, and events.

Featured in Forbes multiple times, Readers digest, abc News, and many more!

Event Schedule

Virtual Marketing director, marketing strategist, MA in marketing
Reem Aubdool

The 5 Steps to growing and scaling your business!

Are you looking to grow your business? BUT have no idea where to start? I’ll talk you through the 5 steps you need to follow to put a growth strategy in place.

5 Ingredients You Need For A Magic Potion To Transform Your Social Media Content.

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your content and add that magic touch? Amy goes through the 5 Ingredients you need to transform your  content.

Amy Downes
Sharon Murray

Using LinkedIn to rise from the Pandemic

LinkedIn is a platform that many are nervous about and are unsure how to use to generate business. Sharon teaches you how you can throw the rule book out the window and start to rise from the pandemic. 

The TikTok Traffic Masterclass

Kamela is a TikTok sensation who has nearly 1M views on the very first TikTok video she posted and has used her TikTok popularity to drive leads to her business. She’ll teach you how you can use TikTok to generate sales. 

Kamela Hurley
John Ferrara

John Ferrara’s Hierarchy of Instagram Engagement

This training is not an engagement strategy. This is an engagement philosophy. The Hierarchy will give you a deep rooted understanding of what true Instagram engagement is and how to use it to grow your following, build strong relationships and grow your business.

6pm -7pm BST

DIY PR: Putting a Megaphone To Your Message

Are you looking to position yourself as an expert? PR can be too costly for many businesses but plays a vital role in positioning you as an expert. Rebecca will share 5 Tips for being seen, heard + valued as the expert you are!

Rebecca Cafiero

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